Terms and Conditions

Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 Deceleration (“The ACT”) I/we do hereby acknowledge and confirm that the information submitted to Cash Flow Capital (Pty) Ltd (“CFC”) in support of the Application:

  1. has been provided with the requisite consent;
  2. is reasonably required for purposes of considering the Application and the provision of finance;
  3. has been procured for the purposes as aforesaid;
  4. has been directly provided by myself and/or a third party (duly authorized) to CFC;
  5. may be retained by CFC for as long as CFC reasonably requires the information;
  6. may be used for purposes of re-processing (as defined in the Act) without my further consent; and
  7. may be corrected/ ameded, at any stage, by notifying CFC in writing

And Generally, has been procured in full compliance with the provisions of the Act and the document will serve a prime facie proof of such compliance.

and further confirm that:

  • I submit this application freely and voluntarily, without any undue influence or pressure.
  • I/we give CFC permission to search Credit Bureaus, Fraud prevention agencies and any third party database that could reasonably supplement the assessment of the application.
  • I/we give CFC permission to contact business and landlord references supplied.
  • I/we give CFC permission to contact me/us by appropriate channels about products and services.

I authorise Cash Flow Capital (PTY) LTD (CFC) to conduct a credit report on the company and warrant that all the directors and/or members have consented to the company instructing CFC to conduct the credit inquiry on the company and that the director and/ or members acknowledge that the inquiry will include an inquiry into the Director and/ or members credit profile.  I further warrant that the Directors and/ or members authorise CFC to obtain the credit information on the Directors and that the company has the consents as stated herein in writing.
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