Letter from the CEO of Cash Flow Capital

30 March 2020

At Cash Flow Capital our primary focus has always been to help the small business sector in South Africa

From the very start, we approached the market with an emphasis on customer service and a face to face customer experience that saw us forming real and lasting connections with the owners of the businesses we funded. Almost 7 years later, despite the additions of technology to our processes, we still place much of our emphasis on this human interaction.

As South Africa face the very sad reality that many small businesses will be closed and some might remain closed even after the lockdown period. In a world where technology has in some ways detached us from our human nature, we are now forced to contemplate our vulnerabilities and values as a species. I have no doubt that the world will emerge from this crisis (somehow we always do, despite the greatest odds), but how we will emerge will, at the very least, be different to the way we entered. We’ve been reminded that despite the internet, Instagram, self-driving cars and cell phones that it is people who make the world what it is. Without people, no product or service serves any purpose and it is through people doing business with people that we will save our country from the economic effects of this crisis.

Being a business owner myself, I know how hard the next 21 days will be for all these businesses. We must remember that these businesses are people more than anything else, supporting a multitude of families across the country and it is everyone’s duty to be supportive to their local businesses after the 21 day lockdown. Every rand makes a difference! At Cash Flow Capital we have decided to individually contact each of our clients to hear how they are doing during this trying time. We have extended a payment holiday to our clients over the next month where no repayments will be necessary. We hope that this will provide some cash flow relief to allow these businesses to open up to a country that is ready and excited to support them once more.

I wish all fellow business owners the best through these difficult times and to remain hopeful despite the challenges. Together we will emerge stronger and more resilient - People helping people.

Letter from the CEO of Cash Flow Capital - Michael du Plooy

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