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01 June 2021

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2019/2020 revealed there are four times more first time entrepreneurs in SA than established business owners. Because of this reason, we feel there is a need in the market to assist those first-time entrepreneurs.

At Cash Flow Capital, we have found that access to quick business funding is often the primary concern or challenge hindering SMEs. However, often the funding is available, and the business owner needs resources and tools to help grow their business to the point where their business can qualify for the financing available.

Entrepreneurs tend to be a jack-of-all-trades where they manage all aspects of their business from development to finance. We have found that when companies apply for funding and don’t qualify, they often need assistance with other business resources such as HR & Recruitment, marketing, legal and technology.

Introducing Sisizana – a FREE business community

For the reasons above, Cash Flow Capital decided to create its Sisizana platform, which provides a range of tools and services to SMEs to build their businesses. Some services that are included are Marketing, Design and Branding, Legal and HR & recruitment. All the listed partners offer massive discounts and specific packages aimed at SMEs to fit into their budget. Sisizana aims to connect business owners with the correct tools and resources needed to grow their businesses.

Sisizana is a free business community platform that is a value-added service to all CFC clients and any SMEs that don’t qualify for our funding services at this stage. This allows us to help build your business to a point where it will be funding–ready.

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