New year brand awareness

Is your branding new year ready?

05 December 2022

It's always a good idea to conduct a brand evaluation when a new year arrives. Like everything else in this world, your brand will develop and change. Because of this, it is crucial to decide where your brand should position itself each year so that it may attract the targeted clients and grow throughout the upcoming year. To ensure your brand is prepared to take off in the new year, there are a few important factors to consider.


Do your brand's messages still reflect the ideals stated in your vision and mission? Or have they changed in the last year and now your brand requires a new look? Brands can dynamically change over time, and you might find that the messages your brand conveys are different from the ones you ultimately want it to be. The clients you draw in and your success with them will be significantly influenced by how your brand appears and is delivered to them. Because of this, it's critical to understand your brand personality and reevaluate it at the beginning of the year to ensure you're delivering the intended brand message.

Target audience

It is crucial to consider WHO you want to reach in the upcoming year. Has your target market evolved since last year, or is it still the same? In addition to changing with time, people also have changing wants and requirements. To target the appropriate customers and make an effort to meet their demands, your brand needs to identify who its target audience is this year and what they will want.

The practical implication

Is your brand consistently the same on all platforms and mediums? At the beginning of the new year, you should look back at the previous year; there, you will be able to see if your brand has been consistent throughout the year. If you find this was not the case, you need to assess how you can improve this in the new year. Ways to do this include: 

  • Having consistent branding (primary logo, secondary logo, colour palettes, packaging design, business stationery etc.) 
  • Publishing consistent and ongoing content on multiple platforms based on an innovative strategy that will help you grow 
  • Having a consistent and professional website for consumers to follow along on your journey

Have you looked at your brand and realised there might be some gaps in the way your brand is being conveyed? Then it might be time to contact a graphic designer and a marketing specialist who can help you achieve your brand goals within 2023! Our community platform Sisizana has partners that can assist you with this. Find out more here!

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